2013 Happy Jar


(click photos to enlarge)

Before the new year I noticed a fad of people wanting to get a jar and fill it with happy things that happen throughout the year, and look back on it at the end of the year. Being that I struggle and lot and tend to be a bit on the negative side, I thought it was an excellent idea and would allow me to appreciate the little things. But, being an artist, I could not just settle for any plain Mason jar (as fitting as that may be) so I decided to do something cute I could stand to stare at everyday. 🙂

What I Used:

  • Rectangle Shatterproof Jar
  • Purple and Green Ribbons
  • Fake Purple Calla Lily


  1. Wrap the purple ribbon around the jar, tie knot.
  2. Weave green ribbon loosely around purple ribbon.
  3. Tie very carefully or else it would close the space and cover the purple.
  4. Cut the stem off the Calla Lily.
  5. Slip the Calla Lily into the ribbon.
  6. Tie a purple bow around the flower.

Very simple but adorable way to spice up a happy jar. I chose my favorite colors and favorite flower, and won’t have to look at a plain jar every day! 🙂

Have a very happy year everyone!




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