Sunny Smiles


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So, I decided to enter a contest with a “fun” theme but that could not be complicated. I knew I wanted to do something yellow and after a while I came up with this idea. I love how cute, and bright, and cheerful it is. And of course the extra dose of fun in the glow in the dark! Which I am so excited to have been able to capture on camera because I tend to have difficulties with that. Well I hope you like it!

Products I Used:

  • L.A. Colors – UltraNail Hardener
  • Revlon – Yellow Flip
  • NYC – Grand Central Station
  • Daler Rowney – simply Acrylic – white paint
  • Daler Rowney – simply Acrylic – Black paint
  • Plaid Enterprises – Glo Away – Glow-in-the-Dark Gel

Step by Step:

  1. Base coat
  2. Yellow polish
  3. Paint white diagonal lines on pinkie
  4. Paint white dots on ring nail
  5. Paint white vertical stripes on middle nail
  6. Paint two black dots and curve line for smile on pointer
  7. Paint white horizontal stripes on thumb nail
  8. Top Coat
  9. Paint over the white with glow in dark paint on ring and pointer nails

I chose to do step 9 after the top coat because it’s waterproof and I was afraid the top coat would smear everything. Plus it kind of looks funny with the glow in dark paint over it. 🙂

I hope you like this fun happy nail art!




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