St. Patrick’s Day Nails


(click photo to enlarge)

Here is a cute nail art I did for St.Patrick’s Day!

Step by Step:

  1. Base coat
  2. Light blue polish
  3. Rainbow french tips on all nails but thumb
  4. Use dotting tool to create shamrocks and four leaf clovers, add grass
  5. Paint black pot on bottom of thumb
  6. Dotting tool to add gold dots for coins
  7. Paint rainbow coming down over pot
  8. Glitter polish over rainbow only
  9. Top Coat

What I Used:

  • L.A. Colors – UltraNail Hardener
  • Scandal – Marine Blue
  • Essie – Forever Yummy
  • Scandal – Bling Orange
  • Revlon – Yellow Flip
  • Pure Ice – Free Spirit
  • Pure Ice – Celestial
  • Scandal – Pure Lavender
  • Scandal – Sydney Sky
  • Unknown – all it says is “nail polish hot looks”, a burgundy color
  • Pure Ice – Not Now
  • Sally Hansen – Black Diamond
  • Revlon – Gold Mine
  • Scandal – Shining Pearl
  • NYC – Grand Central Station

Hope you enjoyed this look and had a very lucky St. Paddy’s Day!




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