Sketch Fest #33

Here are a few of my finished works from Sketch Fest #33. Don’t know what Sketch Fest is? Check out their site or see my Sketch Fest page for information. It’s really fun, you should check it out!

(Click the photos to enlarge)


“Love Knows No Boundaries”. Pencils on ACEO. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Prompt “Beauty and the Beast”. This was so much fun to do in my style! It’s been a while since I’ve done any fan art!


“Coeur de Cygnes”. Colored pencils on ACEO. Prompt “favorite animal.” I had just been talking with my mom about how I wanted to draw my absolute favorite animal, swans, in their infamous love pose, when I saw this prompt. I just had to do it! I love the intimacy of this pose as opposed to the usual full heart shape. Title means “heart of swans”.


“When You Wish With All Your Heart”. Pencils on ACEO. Disney’s Tangled. Prompt “Rapunzel”. After having fun with my Beauty and the Beast sketch, I decided to make a series and do the Rapunzel prompt as well! I love it! 🙂

And here is a before/after shot!


I hope you enjoyed! Check out my page and stay tuned for more!




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