Sketch Fest #32

These are a few of my finished drawings from last month’s Sketch Fest. You can see my profile of sketches and finished pieces here. Don’t know what Sketch Fest is? It’s a really fun monthly activity for artists of all levels to come together. We leave prompts for each other and you can go through the list and if something inspires you, you work on  a sketch for it in one hour. You can do as many as you want. I love Sketch Fest because it’s so full of creativity and the prompts are always so inspirational. You can find out more at the home page.

(Click photos to enlarge) :)


 “Vintage or Tacky”. Colored pencils on ACEO. Prompt: “amazing eye makeup.” Portrait of my favorite makeup artist and hugely popular Youtube guru Cora, aka vintageortacky. You can check out her incredible videos here.


“Tears of Love.” Pencils on ACEO. Self portrait. Prompt “cry me a heart.”


“New Beginnings.” Pencils on ACEO. Self portrait. Prompt “new beginnings.”

If you enjoy drawing or even doodling, you should check out Sketch Fest! It’s great fun!




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